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Our Purpose
The purpose of the Agape School is to help believers grow and spiritually mature into strong, committed and devoted disciples of Jesus Christ through intentional training and gifted spiritual leadership. We have prepared resources to help turn seekers into believers, believers into disciples, and disciples into disciple-makers that will change personal lives and the world in which they live.

Our Approach
Our approach is based on the conviction that making disciples is central to our Lord’s last command and therefore should be the first priority of the Church.  The Agape School is more than just personal growth, strengthening and empowerment to obey the commands of Christ and fulfill the Great Commission.  It is a school that will transform the way we think, the way we live our lives daily, and the way we perceive the world and influence it around us.

Our Aim
Jesus told His disciples to ‘teach them to observe all that I have commanded you’, and this we believe should be done in a deliberate and intentional way through gifted training for emerging leaders in our generation. We want every believer to walk out their destiny in God, make strong and healthy disciples, and advance the Kingdom of God in every sphere.

We are pleased to offer this first quarter tract on Discipleship Intensive, a 10 week course that will change your life, the way you think, the way you live your daily life.  God wants to change the way you perceive the events and world around you.  In this first tract we will focus on strengthening your inner person to refocus, renew and reform your spiritual thinking.

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